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CANONADA is a growing company that provides training and development programs (not only) in the field of law. Although we have attorneys and corporate lawyers among us, we look at law through a managerial perspective. Where possible, we help our clients to do without expensive services and law companies analysis. Where this is not possible, we are happy to advise. We are fast, dynamic and friendly.


You won't get lost in the law with us

  • We'll give you clarity on  employment relations
  • Learn how not to fall for concluding contracts
  • You'll be familiar with the public procurement jungle
  • We'll show you the latest legislation and prepare tailor-made training


It won't haunt you anymore

  • We'll audit the handling of personal data
  • We'll set up a system for handling of personal data
  • We'll be your Data Protection Officer



We will advise you with the right

  • We offer complex legal advice
  • We provide the services of attorneys
  • We audit your contracts and legal obligations
  • We offer mediation of disputed cases


Selection of our legal trainings

How to conclude contracts correctly

We enter into a large number of contracts every day, both verbally and in writing. Did you know that even a promise made orally is legally enforceable? This seminar will show you clear rules on how to conclude contracts and how to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

  • What are the basic principles of the Civil Code for contract law
  • What you have to comply with by law and what you can set differently (mandatory and dispositive norms)
  • How to avoid nullity of contracts and ineffectiveness of legal acts
  • Who can act for the company and how to get represented
  • Pre-contractual liability (consequences of dishonesty)
  • Future contract agreement
  • How to set contractual penalties, compensation rules
  • Selected security institutes (security transfer, guarantee, financial guarantee, agreement on deductions from wages, pledge)

Labour law in a nutshell

Did you know that many employees start work and sign the employment contract afterwards? You can be fined up to CZK 250,000 for this. It is important for a modern company that its managers know the rules of employment law.

  • How to go about the selection process (non-discrimination, obtaining sensitive information)
  • Rules on dependent work, Svarc System (permalancer), agency work
  • Essentials of an employment contract, work performance agreement, work activity agreement
  • Specifics of employment and remuneration of managers
  • Remuneration rules (method of determining salary, salary supplements, bonuses and benefits)
  • Vacation (entitlement to leave, determination and use of leave)
  • Dealing with various situations (doctor's appointments, sick leave, maternity and parental leave)
  • How to terminate an employment relationship correctly and without trial

Working relationship of CEO and members of statutory bodies

Have you appointed a executives for the subsidiary? Be careful what kind of contract you enter into with them. Think about how best to protect the company's interests and avoid unnecessary conflicts of interest. Set the rules for their remuneration so that they are not questioned by the tax authorities.

  • What are the job duties and responsibilities of managers
  • Legal relationship of the statutory bodies to the company
  • How to resolve the overlapping functions of a member of the statutory body and an employee
  • How to set up a non-compete - rules for other gainful employment

Public procurement

Do you participate in public procurement? We will show you how to succeed and not make mistakes.

  • What are the types of procurement procedures and the basic rules of procedure for their award
  • Selection of suppliers on the basis of compliance with the tender conditions and evaluation of tenders
  • Judged rules for determining the scope of a contract, subdivision of contracts and award in lots
  • Notification obligations of contracting authorities before, during and after the procurement procedure
  • Construction and content of terms and conditions - mandatory, voluntary and prohibited conditions
  • Supplier defense

GDPR in practice, or how to protect personal data

The "General Data Protection Regulation" brings new obligations for all data processors. Every employer is a data processor. Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of this new issue with an emphasis on information technology and process management. At the training you can learn what changes the legislation brings, how to prepare sufficiently for them and avoid sanctions.

  • Basic legal provisions on data protection.
  • Protection of employee privacy in the workplace - scope of control, email monitoring, CCTV systems
  • How to cooperate with the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Current case law
  • Practical examples of solutions to common questions concerning employers' obligations when processing personal data

How to protect your property and real estate

Practical advice on buying property and valuable tips on how to identify and find an investment that will make you an immediate profit. Learn whether it's a good time to sell a property and how not to fall for transactions.

  • How to transfer properties
  • How to resolve co-ownership issues
  • What are easements and what to look out for when negotiating them
  • What is the regime of temporary construction according to the new Civil Code
  • Utilities and their disposition
  • Particulars of a contract for the transfer of immovable property
  • What is recorded in the Land Registry and what to look out for when consulting the Land Registry
  • Protection of the purchaser of property registered in the Land Registry

These areas form the basis of our legal training work. We are happy to tailor training to your needs.