Want to be an inspirational leader?

You'll learn how to lead people and manage a company with us.  

  • We will create a system of corporate development and education for you 
  • We offer a wide range of soft skills training programs
  • Case studies from practice
  • We work creatively with both groups and individuals

Selection of management programmes

Know yourself, or an audit of managerial competencies

A key skill of a manager is the ability to change and develop. To help you find the right direction, we will give you the opportunity to get to know yourself through various managerial tasks.

  • Development centrum
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Manager's personal direction inventory
  • Determining managerial potential for the future
  • Self-management - the ability to lead oneself
  • The power of self-motivation

  • "Know yourself" is a one-day programme where participants are observed in simulated situations. According to a predetermined structure, we observe the manifestation of individual competences. We will use both analytical and developmental methods. The output is a detailed individual or group report.

How to meet your goals and stay on top

The manager is there in the first place to meet the goals set. Otherwise, he won't be successful. In this module, we will show you how to set goals correctly and what goals are or are not meaningful. In this module you will also formulate your managerial vision and strategy.

  • The work efficiency of a successful manager
  • How to set the right management vision and strategy
  • Practical organisation of manager's time
  • Practical instructions (Pareto rule, priority matrix, downtime elimination) 
  • Techniques to boost your efficiency and cope with procrastination of unpleasant tasks.

How to lead and inspire others

Management is based on achieving results through and with the help of other people. Managers often underestimate the time spent by their people. In this module, we will see that the time I as a manager devote to my subordinates is the best investment.

  • Management communication techniques
  • Manager's personality
  • Feedback as a tool for further development
  • Motivation - a step to increase work productivity
  • Causes of demotivation, or how to prevent unnecessary employee departures

The idea of the whole program is to realize that it is not enough to have only "task fillers" at work who do what they being told. We need to develop proactive people who are not afraid to make decisions and do something extra.

How to manage and organise the work of a team

Have you ever built or renovated a house? Then you have certainly done a number of experiences that what you plan may not become reality. After all, planning and organizing the work of people in a team are key management activities, and not everyone can master them.

  • Principles of management planning and work organisation
  • How to think project and learn the principles of project management
  • How to delegate correctly - division of competences
  • How to conduct meetings properly
  • How to keep records and control the performance of tasks
  • How to finish tasks with a smile on your lips
  • Practical case studies

Managerially challenging situations

In this module we will show how to deal with difficult situations at work. Whether it's unpopular measures, communication decisions that I as a manager myself have doubts about, or extreme types of people who are completely unpredictable.

  • Professional handling of unpleasant situations
  • "Like between millstones" - communicating decisions we don't agree with
  • Communication with very demanding types of employees - model situations of a querulant, saboteur, conspirator, etc.
  • Symptoms of burnout and how to prevent it
  • How to resolve conflicts and heated relationships

Tailor-made trainings and workshops

Our strength is our deep knowledge of management and the corporate environment. Training is tailored to the client's needs. We will be happy to create a development program for you according to your needs that your employees will not forget.

  • Targeted programmes to develop business teams
  • Strategy development workshops
  • Problem-solving workshops with a neutral moderator
  • Teambuilding programs
  • Mediation and negotiations

We like to get to know people and their companies. We have a range of recipes and experience of what works and doesn't work. Did you know that feeling stagnant and unable to move on is one of the most common reasons people change jobs? Invest in people - CANONADA is here for the development of your company.