For employee selection and development purposes, our diagnostics provide a comprehensive view of the person.

We use the following methods for personality and performance testing:

  • Tests of attention, memory, creativity
  • GMA test - developed by British psychologists to distinguish between above average intelligent people
  • ICL personality test (personality characteristics - dominance, summise, affiliation, hostility). In case of interest we also work with MBTI and RIASEC methods.
  • Projective test of blurred photos (focuses on creativity, elaboration of the assignment)
  • Projective test of incomplete sentences (focuses on emotional experience, fears, wishes, relationships with superiors)
  • Virtual interview (shows strengths and weaknesses, motivation and purpose, developmental focus of the person)

360° feedback

A questionnaire method that allows employees to receive feedback on their performance from relevant people around them (supervisor, subordinates, colleagues, internal customers, etc.).

  • Its advantage over the Development Centre is its multifaceted and comprehensive perspective of different people, while being grounded in practice.
  • Its use depends on the feedback culture in the organization. Therefore we use both anonymous and addressed versions.
  • The output is a detailed report that gives a lot of impetus for further development and also helps to identify the causes of any gaps in collaboration with the environment.

We have developed a recommended structure of evaluation criteria; if you wish, we can tailor it according to your corporate values or competence model.

Work Climate Barometer

A study of the psychological climate among work team members that can hinder productivity.

  • Benefits: measuring engagement, conflict/bullying prevention, comprehensive insight for management.
  • Maps: overall satisfaction, company accountability, performance, leadership, communication, company culture, strategy, company direction.
  • Clear outputs with clear conclusions
  • We do all the administration for you